Release Notes 1.3

Major changes


We are working on migrating from djangorestframework version 1 to django-simple-rest. The reason for this is that djangorestframework version 2 is incompatible with version one, but they use the same namespace, which makes it hard to run them side by side. We could hack it to work, but django-simple-rest matches our needs better, and it is more in line with the modern Django view API. We have created the devilry_rest module where we keep our common REST utilities, and we have implemented public/private authentication that will make it a lot easier to program against Devilry.

Fixed HARD deadlines issues

We have moved all constraint checking for HARD deadlines from the core into the only view where it makes sense to check for hard deadlines. This view is, of course, the one where users add deliveries.

This fixes a lot of edge case issues, such as examiners adding a placeholder delivery when the deadline has expired.

More details:

Tell students when they are not relatedstudent on a semester/period

We add a big red message for students when they are not student on a period. This can happen when students are added to a group, and later removed from the subject/course.

More details and screenshots:

MathJaX embedded

We have included MathJaX as part of the Devilry repo.