Migrating from 3.3.3 to 3.4.0

Backup database and files


Bug fixes and tweaks

  • Only department admins can bulk import students and examiners. This is not exactly a bug fix, but a temporary restriction.
  • Examiner name is shown when publishing a grade.
  • Empty comments (comments with files only) are not counted as “comments”.
  • Breadcrumb shows the full path in the feedback feed.
  • Add big integer field for compressed archives file size.

Update devilry to 3.4.0

Update the devilry version to 3.4.0 as described in Update Devilry.

After updating, you need to run:

$ venv/bin/python manage.py ievvtasks_customsql -i -r
$ venv/bin/python manage.py devilry_delete_compressed_archives --all