Forum, issue-tracker and contact information


Devilry is truly open, not just Open Source, but we also try to keep all issues, suggestions and plans in the open. This means that your suggestions, bugs, problems, etc. is handled in the open, and readable by anyone.


DO NOT post sensitive information, like names of students, passwords, etc. via any of the contact channels listed below (see the note above for why).

Issue tracker

Visit The Devilry issue tracker.

Anyone can add issues to our issue tracker at our GitHub project page. We use the issue tracker for bugs, problems, suggested improvements, suggested new features, etc.

You need to create a GitHub user to add an issue. You just have to write an understandable title and description. We will then tag your issue, and respond to your via comments on your issue. You should be notified for each new comments on your issues by email unless you disable email notifications on GitHub.


Visit our Facebook page.

Question and Answers forum

Visit: The Devilry Help Questions and Answers forum.

We have a Question and Answer forum on Google Groups named Devilry Help. You can post anything on this forum, including:

  • help understanding Devilry — no problem is too small for this forum

  • suggest improvements — even minor improvements

  • report problems

  • report bugs

  • suggest new features


We recommend that you use the issue tracker instead of this forum if you have a well defined problem or suggestion. Even very small improvements or issues belong in the issue tracker, and they end up there even if you post them in the Q&A forum. The only difference is that someone else have to put them in the issue tracker, which may delay fixing the issue.

Your local Devilry support

The local Devilry support typically adds a link to a page with their contact information in the help page. Click the question mark in the upper right corner when logged in to Devilry, and look for a link to internal/organization specific devilry documentation.

Contact email — only for special cases


This is only for contact requests that does not belong in the open contact channels, like the issue tracker, or in the Q&A forums. This mailinglist is typically for those that need private and direct contact with the Developers, and requests belonging in the other contact channels is ignored.

The warning above about sensitive information is also for this list.