Introduction to the Subjectadmin role


Please read, or at least take a quick look at, the Common concepts before reading this guide.

Who this guide is for

A subject is, as explained in the common concepts guide, typically a course. This means that this guide is for administrators managing a course or a term (semester) within a course. If you have orange background color in your header, you are using the user interface for an admin role. We’ll use the term course for a subject from now on

The responsibilities of a Subjectadmin

A Subjectadmin manage one or more Subject (course), and/or Period (semester, year, …). They set up assignments, organize students into Group, Candidate and Student, and assignment Examiner to give feedback to students.

Common tasks

The Subjectadmin frontpage

The Subjectadmin frontpage is the page that you navigate to when you select the Subjectadmin role (may be something like Course administrator in your local dialect), from the Devilry frontpage.


This page will display a list of all subjects you are an administrator for. Clicking a course will take you to the semester overview. See Period/semester overview

You can also find the delivery feed of a student quickly by using the Find a student functionality. You will be able to search for a student across the courses you have access to, and find the correct assignment delivery feed you want to see. That’s where you can communicate with the student, view details about their deliveries and feedback etc. Read more about that here: Quickly navigating to a delivery feed

Period/semester overview

When you click on a course from The Subjectadmin frontpage, you will be redirected to page with an overview of all semesters for that course.


As a course administrator, you also have the rights to add and remove other course administrators.

Period/semester page

The semester page is where you do most of the setup for a specific period. Creating a new assignment, adding students and examiners, creating tags, manage semester administrators and view student results are amongst the things you can do here.


You can read more about each of the tools available to you here: