What is new in Devilry 3.3.0

Bug fixes

  • The calendar modal had a mixture of default and selected language.


  • Comment email subject better explains the context of the mail.

  • Comment email receipt is sent to the student that posted the comment.

  • Comment email lists info about uploaded files, filename and size.

  • System content language in mail regarding new comments, deadlines and feedbacks is now set to the receiving users preferred language if supported by Devilry.

(ADMINS) Assignment overview:
  • No info box appears at the top of the assignment overview. This feature didn’t work properly as it only showed one warning, and not in the order of it’s severity. Now, warnings and information is shown in the “Manage students” and “Manage examiners” sections.

Performance optimizations:
  • Loading time significantly decreased for some views with a lot of students, examiners and project groups.

New features

Comment editing and history:
  • Students, examiners and admins can edit their own comments.

  • When comments are edited, a log entry is created. These log entries can be seen by other users based on the same criteria as for comments in the delivery feed. This means that each log entry has the same “visible to” rights as the comment at that current state.

(ADMINS) Assignment creation and overview:
  • All students are added to the assignment upon creation.

  • When removing students from an assignment, you can now choose to remove students that failed another assignment on the semester.

What’s new for sysadmins?

Management command for deleting old semesters