Bulk operations

Available bulk operations

In Devilry, we want to enhance the workflow by providing some tools you can use to be more effective. In some cases certain operations applies to more than just one group and would be tiresome to have to do for each group individually, such as moving the deadline, giving new attempts or providing feedback.


As mentioned above, we provide a some bulk operations you can perform as an examiner:

Manage deadlines:
Clicking the Manage deadlines button will take you to the page for managing deadlines where you can move deadlines for multiple groups or give new attempts. Read more about that here: Bulk operations: Manage deadlines .
Bulk feedback:
We provide a way for the examiner to correct multiple groups at once, and there’s two ways of doing this: simple and advanced. Click the Bulk feedback or Simple bulk feedback based on what you want to do. Read more about that here: Bulk operations: Feedback .