Migrating from 5.x to 6.0.0


Migrate from the latest 5.x release to 6.0.0.

Backup database and files


What’s new?

  • Updated Devilry to Django 4.2

  • Python 3.10 support

  • Add health-check endpoints. - _api/application-state/ready. Use this for initial ready-check. It’s not recommended to use this too often as it performs a database-query (use the live-endpoint for that). - _api/application-state/alive. Use this if you need to continously check if the application is up and running. Just a simple request, no database-query performed.

  • Group invitations: Now using the devilry_message backend for storing messages.


  • WCAG: Contrast-issue with link in “No access” warning-box.

  • Translations: Various translation errors.

  • Self-assign: Issue with duplicate rows from query when examiner is self-assigning.

  • Self-assign: Missing CSRF-token.

  • Comment-notification to examiners: When examiner posts comments all admins are notified.

Update devilry to 6.0.0

Update the devilry version to 6.0.0 as described in Update Devilry.