Grading configuration

To change the default grading configuration for an assignment, click the Edit grading configuration-link.


On this view you set how the examiner grades deliveries from a student for an assignment. There are two options:

  • Passed/Failed

  • Points

Further you also decide how the student sees the grading; passed/failed or with the number of points.


If this option is chosen, you can also give students points awarded for getting a passing grad. This may be useful if you have 10 assignments in a semester and students need 8 point to qualify for the exam. The assignments in a semester may reward different points, so a bigger assignment may give 2 points.



When choosing points as grading for an assignment, you can either use numbers or a table defined by you.


If you chose numbers you have to set the minimum number of points to pass and the maximum number of for the assignment.



You can define your own table, or use the A-F configuration provided by Devilry. In the example below, the A-F configuration is used.