What is new in Devilry 5.4.0

What’s new

This update contains improvements for accessibility:

  • WCAG: Fix comment-editor keyboard-trap.

  • WCAG: Improvements to the fileupload section of the editor.

  • WCAG: Contextual description for screenreaders regarding the links for downloading assignment-files, with aria-live for when file-archive is finished building.

  • WCAG: Adjusted contrast for various elements to comply with AA, such as the contextual colors for students, examiners and admins.

  • WCAG: Fix some links not being interpreted as links.

  • WCAG: Add label to empty (default) filter-values.

  • WCAG: HTML-lang attribute uses the selected language.

  • WCAG: Fileuploader has been updated for better accessibility.

  • django-allauth: Update to version 0.48, and signup is not supported, so this is bypassed (automatic redirect to proxy-view introduced in 0.47).

  • Comment-editor: Replaced Ace-editor with custom editor to ensure more flexibility in regards to accessibility and future features.

  • Comment-editor: Support preview of Markdown.

  • Comment-editor: Overview page of supported Markdown.

  • Various text-fixes and translations.

  • Admin: Add warning when groups with multiple examiners exist in examiner statistics view.