Setup a Devilry authentication backend


Devilry can work with any Django-compatible authentication backend.

The default authentication backend

If you do not have a user database that you wish to use for Devilry, you can use the default Django authentication backend, and add users to Devilry manually.

Authenticate using LDAP

Authenticating via LDAP requires the django-auth-ldap Python module and some small adjustments to your settings.

Install the django-auth-ldap module

Add a new line containing django-auth-ldap in your ~/devilrydeploy/requirements.txt, then run:

$ cd ~/devilrydeploy
$ venv/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt

to install the new module.

Add the LDAP backend to your settings

Add the following to your ~/devilrydeploy/


You will also have to configure how to authenticate via LDAP. That is explained in the django-auth-ldap docs:

Autoset email

If your authentication backend does not provide an email address for your users, you will most likely want to take a look at: Autoset email from the authentication backend username.