Debug problems

To test that everything works as expected, you can use the Django devserver in DEBUG-mode. The devserver serves static files, so you do not need a webserver. It does not use SSL, so be VERY careful when running it on an extrnal NIC (like the example with below).

First, enable debug-mode in your ~/devilrydeploy/

DEBUG = True

Then run the devserver:

$ venv/bin/python runserver

and open http://localhost:8000. You can tell the testserver to allow external connections, and to listen on another port with:

$ venv/bin/python runserver --insecure


NEVER use the devserver or DEBUG=True in production. It is insecure and slow.


Some browsers have issues with loading the Devilry javascript sources from the devserver. We recommend that you use a recent version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari if you have problems.