Migrating from 3.0.3 to 3.1.0

Backup database and files


Update devilry to 3.1.0

Update the devilry version to 3.1.0 as described in Update Devilry.

After update, you have to run

$ venv/bin/python manage.py ievvtasks_customsql -i -r

Fix your tag-prefixes

You can change the default tag prefix used with devilry_periodsetrelatedexaminers and devilry_periodsetrelatedstudents with the DEVILRY_IMPORTED_PERIOD_TAG_DEFAULT_PREFIX setting (see Django settings for Devilry).

If you change the DEVILRY_IMPORTED_PERIOD_TAG_DEFAULT_PREFIX, you will want to update the existing tags to use this new prefix. To do that, we now provide:

$ venv/bin/python manage.py devilry_rename_periodtag_prefix <old prefix> <new prefix>

The default value for DEVILRY_IMPORTED_PERIOD_TAG_DEFAULT_PREFIX is x, so lets say you add the setting for the first time now as:


You will then need to run:

$ venv/bin/python manage.py devilry_rename_periodtag_prefix x fs

Add changelog to your branding templates

We now have DEVILRY_CHANGELOG_URL variable available in branding templates. See https://github.com/devilry/devilry-django/issues/954.