Migrating from 5.1.0 to 5.2.0

What’s new

  • Updated to Django 3.2.* LTS

  • WCAG: H2-tag is now used instead of h3 on account page.

  • Admin: If assignments exists for a semester, the admin will be reminded to add students to the assignments when students are added/imported to the semester.

  • Comment notifications: If no examiners are assigned to a group, the course and semester administrators will receive notifications when students post comments.

  • Deadline management: Admins can no longer move deadlines for graded attempts.

  • Deadline management: Suggestions always use midnight as the time for the suggested deadline.

  • Deadline calendar widget: Defaults to 23:59 instead of the current time.

Backup database and files


Update devilry to 5.2.0

Update the devilry version to 5.2.0 as described in Update Devilry.