Migrating from 3.1.6 to 3.2.0



Backup database and files


Update devilry to 3.2.0

Update the devilry version to 3.2.0 as described in Update Devilry.

Bug fixes

  • Assignment overview statistics fixed.

  • Username in comments missing if candidate was removed.

  • Navigating between Devilry and Dataporten after login redirected to an error page.

  • Deadlines not sorted in deadline management app.

What is new in the feed(everyone)

  • If a grade is edited, a log will now show from-grade and to-grade as events in the feed.

  • Info box regarding hard deadlines.

What is new for admins

  • Admins can toggle between hard and soft deadlines. Students can not upload files or comment if assignment deadline handling is HARD and has expired.

  • Added feature to administrator dashboard where admins can now search for students and go directly to their delivery feed. Here they can easily access deadline management for that student/group, see deliveries etc.

  • Removed unnecessary step to get to a students feedbackfeed.

  • Admins can move deadlines and give new attempts directly in the feed(same as examiners).

What is new for sysadmins

  • Can add custom favicon. See Add a custom favicon.

  • Can add customized info texts for the feed when deadline handling is HARD. See Editable UI messages.

  • If you offer Dataporten authentication you’ll need to update its INSTALLED_APPS to devilry.devilry_dataporten_allauth to apply the redirection fix in this update.