Migrating from 5.3.1 to 5.4.0

You can also just update directly from 5.4.0.

What’s new

This update contains improvements for accessibility:

  • WCAG: Fix comment-editor keyboard-trap.

  • WCAG: Improvements to the fileupload section of the editor.

  • WCAG: Contextual description for screenreaders regarding the links for downloading assignment-files, with aria-live for when file-archive is finished building.

  • WCAG: Adjusted contrast for various elements to comply with AA, such as the contextual colors for students, examiners and admins.

  • WCAG: Fix some links not being interpreted as links.

  • WCAG: Add label to empty (default) filter-values.

  • WCAG: HTML-lang attribute uses the selected language.

  • WCAG: Fileuploader has been updated for better accessibility.

  • django-allauth: Update to version 0.48, and signup is not supported, so this is bypassed (automatic redirect to proxy-view introduced in 0.47).

  • Comment-editor: Replaced Ace-editor with custom editor to ensure more flexibility in regards to accessibility and future features.

  • Comment-editor: Support preview of Markdown.

  • Comment-editor: Overview page of supported Markdown.

  • Various text-fixes and translations.

  • Admin: Add warning when groups with multiple examiners exist in examiner statistics view.

Backup database and files


Update devilry to 5.4.0

Update the devilry version to 5.4.0 as described in Update Devilry.